FO part 2

Has life around here been exciting since the last time I wrote. Almost immediately after I published the last post our wireless modem crashed and it took 6 hours and completely rebuilding the network to get it up and running again. But then our Airport is almost 10 years old, and IT equipment isn’t meant to last that long.

But I promised more finished objects.

FO 4 and 5 – two cowls thumb_IMG_0888_1024

Sometimes when you are knitting a big project like the hap you need a project that is just a little smaller to carry around. And there is just so much storage space for yarn in the house.

The white cowl is made from baby yarn. None of the balls had a ball band, so I am guessing that it is acrylic, just from the feel and the way it washed up.

The turquoise cowl is made from leftover wool after I finished the top. I had it out and rather than pack the wool away I made a quick, short cowl. I love the stitch! Browsing around Ravelry I saw a knitted wrap with a similar stitch, and that may just go into a queue. Perhaps for a Christmas present.

Anyway, these two are destined for the next Grandmothers to Grandmothers craft stall.thumb_IMG_0886_1024

FO6 – Slouchy Beanie

Last year I made a family set of slouchy beanies for my niece and her family. One has already been loved to death, so I promised a replacement. Now I just have to catch up with her and deliver it.



FO7 – Readingisbn9780575104839

Originally I intended this blog to double as a place to review backlist books that I read. And I have a couple hundred backlist books in storage for ‘when I retire’. Anyway this morning I finished Brandon Sanderson’s The Reckoners trilogy. Last year I read book one and was totally blown away by the whole concept of supermen not necessarily superheroes. When humans are given super powers, how many of them are going to fight the forces of evil, and how many are going to use their power to dominate mere mortals. Book 1 was great, Book 2, like many fantasy trilogies, is basically an exploration of the various directions possible for the plot. I finished Book 3 this morning, and for the first time I am disappointed in Sanderson. I cannot claim to have read everything he has written, but Calamity just feels wrong. He not only disregarded the whole concept that I loved in the first book, but his climax was so contrived that it was almost silly. Sorry, but the emotional reunion with the long dead parent was unnecessary. Sad when this happens.

Current projects:

  1. The Hap is almost finished. About 8 more edge scallops and then tie off the ends.
  2. The first sock for Pete was finished last night. Light is just too poor to take a photo today, so hopefully tomorrow.
  3. After the disappointment with the fantasy novel, I am changing genre. The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead arrived last week and it looks like a radical change from what I have been reading – roughly historical, but more literary fiction.

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