FO (It’s not what you think)

FO – knitting code for finished objects. And even though I haven’t been here for a while, I have been knitting madly.

FO1 – our European holiday guidebook

Every year in preparation for going on our trip, my job is to prepare a day by day guidebook with a summary of the day’s activities, suggestions for dining or other activities, photos and maps as may be helpful, etc. It helps us know ahead of time when we need a little extra cash, how to negotiate airport transfers and other little stresses that can happen when you are travelling in a strange country. The book started as a reference for family, but has become an important part of our preparation.

And this one was very important, because I discovered that the travel agent had made a slight error. We had a free day in Paris (!!) but no bed booked for the night we returned from the French tour. All fixed now, and much better than arrive back from the tour at 5pm to ‘I’m very sorry Monsieur, but we have nothing available this evening.’

So 36 pages and over 5000 words later we have a personal guidebook for our trip. And I can think about writing something else for a change.

FO2 –¬†The turquoise top

After nearly 2km of wool knitted, I finally finished and tried it on. Not what I thought. Neckline too low and fit too close. It will be fine under a my linen jacket in spring and autumn, but for now it is packed into a drawer without even blocking.

FO3 – Baby Booties
While I was working on finishing the top, I got very thumb_IMG_0885_1024bored and whipped up a pair of booties for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers craft stall. It was fun to spend a couple hours and watch these little slippers appear.

There are three more FOs, but I will save them for another day.

Current projects:

Project 1: The Hansel Hap

I was reading Jean Miles blog about how much she was enjoying knitting a baby blanket for a new arrival in her family, when a call came through announcing that there will be a new member of the Sutton clan in December. I have had heaps of baby boy blue wool in storage for a special project, so I dragged it out and got started. The Hap was so much fun, it is nearly done! Only the scalloped border on the last edge and it can be washed and blocked. It has turned out much bigger than I expected, but that should increase it’s usefulness.

For thosthumb_IMG_0891_1024e like me who have never heard of a hap, it is a traditional Shetland island ‘blanket’ knitted either from the centre out or from the outside in. It is made for special occasions and like much traditional knitting, it is intended to be very flexible use. A hap can be a small blanket, or folded to be a triangular shawl, or a lap rug.


Project 2 – Socks for Pete

Pete requested at least one new lightweight pair of socks to take with us. With four weeks to go, I thought I had better get started. Sock 1 should be finished today so photo tomorrow.




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