Back again!

There is no way this is going to be daily. Some days retirement is just too busy to allow quiet thinking time. But hopefully there will eventually be more written days than not.


Looks a mess, but you can see the colour.

Project 2: A short sleeved summer top to take away when we travel to Europe in September.

Summer knit tops – seems a silly idea. But I was given some lovely pale turquoise yarn in the great wool donation and immediately knew I wanted to make a tunic top out of it. So, fine wool, skinny needles will mean a lot of stitches. And since I really want it lightweight, but not lacy, that means a lot of boring stocking stitch. There is a reason I am working on several projects at once. After every 50g ball I allow myself a change of project. 50g is about 200m of yarn at this ply, and I expect the top will take about 12 balls.

Right now I am knitting up the fourth ball of wool and it really looks like a strange beast with knitting needles sticking out everywhere. I have managed to hide the needles in the photo.


I did manage to finish a book last night and wrote the review this morning. It is a fairly recent publication, so the review is on the Buzz website. One down, hundreds to go.

At least now the two knitting projects are introduced. And I get to choose a new book to read. The next in the queue looks to be a SciFi by a well known author that I have never had time to read. Maybe more tomorrow.



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