Even before I retired I loved reading a couple of knitting blogs. Jean’s knitting is a wonderful read about knitting and life. A few weeks of following this and suddenly you know Jean’s family as well as her incredible knitting skill. I also follow the Yarn Harlot when I can. Her practical outlook on life and living as well as her travels (all involving knitting) are inspirational. I can’t write like the harlot, and my knitting skills are far more basic than Jean’s, but maybe somebody, somewhere will find my ramblings interesting.

So – yesterday’s knitting:

When I retired several friends, and their friends, took the opportunity to clean out their yarn stash. I inherited boxes of yarn, a lot of it in little bits. My storage space is limited, so the logical response is to knit it up and send it on. Last week I proudly delivered 20 beanies, cowls and scarfs to the Emerald Grandmothers to Grandmothers craft stall. All yarn is now stowed away, but I really want to reduce the fingering/sock yarn stash so that it all fits in the woodbox. So all knitting is with fine yarn.

Project 1:IMG_0051

Scarf. Made from Paton’s Bluebell (I think). It had been knitted up once and then frogged. So I had three tightly rolled balls of kinked yarn bits in all different lengths. I am knitting it up in a chevron garter stitch, once it is done, washed and blocked the stitching should loosen as the kinks fall out.

So far I have about 60cm knitted. Target length is about 130-140cm that should block to 150. Then pack it away for the next GtG craft stall.

Project 2: tomorrow


The other purpose of this blog is to review some of the books that I am reading. After 25 years as a school librarian I read almost exclusively children’s and YA literature. Now I am free to read for myself, or at least attack the backlog of review books that have collected over the years. Several of these are too old for reviewing on the Buzz site, but I since the books were given to me for review, I feel I should offer some comment. But this is getting a bit long, so I will start the reviews next time.

That’s enough for now.




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